I wish the Left would stop being hypocrites

“He’s not a little weird, it’s that he’s really weird,” Robinson said of Santorum. “And some of his positions he’s taken are just so weird, um, that I think that some Republicans are gonna be off-put. Um, not everybody is going to, going to be down, for example, with the story of how he and his wife handled the, the, the stillborn ah, ah, child, ah, um, whose body they took home to, to kind of sleep with it, introduce to the rest of the family. It’s a very weird story.”

via Partisan Politics and Vicious Assaults « Commentary Magazine.

Remember when the Left, myself included, were just aghast and the awful stuff the Right was saying about the President?

I don’t like Santorum, but this is a bit below the belt.

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One Reply to “I wish the Left would stop being hypocrites”

  1. Actually, it wasn’t “a stillbirth” or “a miscarriage”. Santorum’s wife had early-induced labor – she was about four months in to her pregnancy – in order to save her life. In other words, she had an abortion. The rest of the story is merely one family’s attempt to cope with the sorrow and loss, and while it does have its creepy elements, the story itself is fair game because he has made it a part of his political bona fides. Except, of course, the whole part about his wife, in essence, aborting a fetus to save her life. He leaves that part out, although that information is readily available.

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