I wish Paul Ryan was Catholic

Perhaps like America itself, Mr. Ryan is a complicated, some might say conflicted, individual. He is a Roman Catholic. But he is also one of the most visible disciples of atheistic philosopher Ayn Rand, who literally aspired to be remembered as history’s greatest enemy of religion, and particularly Christianity. His association with Rand is so strong, the progressive New Yorker magazine’s website announced the appointment with the headline, “Ayn Rand Joins The Ticket.” The Financial Times said the election is now “a clear choice between Franklin Roosevelt and Ayn Rand.” Both had reason to do so.

via Paul Ryan’s Beliefs: Will Voters Believe in “Train Up a Child” or Redemption?  – Blog Posts – This Lamp.

Instead, it seems Ryan is a Randic?

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7 Replies to “I wish Paul Ryan was Catholic”

  1. That’s for each of us to decide after we have studied all sides. I for one watch NBC tv as much or more than Fox so I think I get a good dose of both sides. There are extreme commentators on both sides that I seldom visit because of their seeming need to personally denigrate their opponents with little or no supporting sources that anyone would trust. I tend to go with the belief that 2 trusted sources should be available before one makes a statement of fact. Most blogs tend to present opinions as facts with the only source another blog with which they happen to agree with still no sources provided.

  2. Interestingly, the Right has been very derisive of Catholics who differed with the church on such issues as gay rights, abortion, etc.. Now, they’re face with a church that is actually willing to point out that the Right isn’t in line, either.

    A pro-death penalty, anti-social safety net, etc. Randian is no more an obedient Catholic than Nancy Pelosi is, but now the Right is going to have to deal with this.

    As for his speech to Georgetown in response to the bishops’ criticism, you’re not missing much. Normal trickle-down boilerplate. It really wasn’t that brilliant a speech. I expect that the bishops thought, “Ummm … yeah. Did you think we haven’t heard this over the past 40 years?”

  3. Although I find his admiration of Ayn Rand a bit strange, it does please me to see that this little controversy might provide my fellow Catholic brother and sister with the opportunity to engage each other respectfully (though I’m not counting on it) in the public square and to show the rest of the country the richness of Catholic social
    We should act charitably though, I agree with Ryan to an extent that some welfare programs can hinder the poor from rising out of their poverty. But I also agree with his detractors who rightfully take him to the task for adhering to a philosophy that prides itself on being an anti gospel of sorts.

  4. He’s about as Libertarian as you are, Joel. I’ve read most of Ayn Rand (although in German) and while I agreed with much, she’s a militant atheist. Only about 50% of the Libertarian movement are Randites. The rest are some persuasion of Christian. He may have read Ayn Rand, but he also forgot most of it, if you look at his voting record. Romney was trying to get Libertarian/Ron Paul support (and the Tea Partiers) but the Libertarian party isn’t as stupid as the Tea Party movement overall.
    If you read the Libertarian boards and blogs, most are voting for Gary Johnson if voting at all. They were on the fence until Romney insulted their intelligence.

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