I take it all back. The American Patriot’s Bible is not the WORST bible ever. This is

It’s called the Personal Promise Bible. It promises to include your name in the bible in over 7000 instances. For example,

By which He has granted to Joel His precious and exceedingly great promises; that through these Joel may become a partaker of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world by lust. 2 Peter 1:4

This is the company’s About Page:

Our vision is to help others gain a deeper understanding of God’s promises to them personally and a deeper understanding of the depth of God’s love for each of us because He is a personal God. “Phronesis” is a Greek word meaning “the practical application of wisdom,” or “prudence.” In Ephesians 1:8, we are promised this prudence.

Your Bible is printed on a state-of-the-art laser jet printer at a “satellite” office which we have set up in the homes of several home-schooling moms of our church. Your printed Bible is then sent to a commercial bindery that specializes in Bibles. The result is a beautiful, personalized Bible that you or your loved one will enjoy for years.

It promises to take “your spiritual walk to a whole new level of:”

  • Intimacy
  • Understanding
  • Revelation
  • Victory
  • Power
  • Vision
  • Love

No words can described the desolation of this abomination.

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3 Replies to “I take it all back. The American Patriot’s Bible is not the WORST bible ever. This is”

  1. Oooh, this could be fun. Let me give it a try:

    “And when the Lord your God gives [a town] into Jason’s hand, he shall put all its males to the sword. Jason may, however, take as his booty the women, the children, livestock, and everything else in the town, all its spoil. Jason may enjoy the spoil of his enemies, which the Lord his God has given him.” Deut 20:13-14

    Wow, it really works. My spiritual walk has certainly reached a whole new level.

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