I Support* Focus on the Family

This pretty well sums up what I’ve seen from Focus on the Family:

“He wants to take Focus back to the original mission of helping marriages and family, distancing themselves from the more political emphasis that they had under Dr. Dobson,” says Pederson, who has spoken with Daly several times. “The stations that carry Focus have noticed that and appreciate the change.”

Even non-Christians have noted a shift at Focus. “Friendly atheist” blogger Hemant Mehta wrote about how surprised he was when he attended a Wheaton College event where Daly spoke and did not mention gay marriage. A Focus spokesperson e-mailed Mehta and said he appreciated the feedback. “I wasn’t expecting that type of outreach.” Still, Mehta says, he and his friends see Focus on the Family as an obstacle when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage.

“I assure you no gay people are saying, ‘Focus on the Family is a great organization now that James Dobson has left!'” Mehta says. “The group may have a more affable public face in Jim Daly, but its positions haven’t changed, so Daly has a very uphill battle ahead of him if he wants to build bridges to the non-Christian community.”

Focus on the Family refocuses on, well, family – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.

Read the entire article, please.

*support the good that they are doing and the acknowledgement that everyone deserves respect and dignity as well as religious rights and gay rights aren’t opposed to one another. I would encourage you to note the changes, the sometimes slow pace, but the slow shift to focusing on ministry, and not politics.

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