I have found my pope!

The well-regarded Vatican writer Paolo Rodari treated O’Malley at greatest length in a blog post last Saturday. “There are many who ask themselves if the next pope will be a Capuchin,” Rodari wrote. “On paper, the Capuchins have the numbers for giving the papacy a turning point. They’re close to the people, they don’t have a ‘clerical’ mentality, they emphasize collaboration with the laity, and they have an attractively simple model of life. Those are three characteristics cut out for a church that’s paid a high price for its scandals. … O’Malley is a humble prelate, which is no bad thing in a Roman Curia that’s suffering not just a few financial difficulties. It’s no accident that he’s a Prince of the Church who prefers his simple brown Capuchin habit to the sartorial splendor to which his office entitles him. He’s a cardinal who loves to dialogue with his faithful through Twitter, and uses his personal blog as an important instrument not only of communication but for meeting everybody, the faithful and even non-believers.”

via Buzz grows in Rome for Boston’s O’Malley | National Catholic Reporter.

Yes, yes I know that protestants interested in the next Bishop of Rome is an odd thing, but then again, I’ve never claimed to be a good Protestant. Or Orthodox. Or heterodoxical.

I’m protesting against box-shaped protestantism?

Anyway, as a Protestant who has vowed to die a Catholic, I like this guy.

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