I found a musical gem

I was looking for a song yesterday on Amazon.com, ‘Come Ye Sinners’, one of my childhood favorites that I rarely hear any more. I stumbled upon Rachel Kurtz, an artist from Minnesota. I know, Minnesota, but it sounds like New Orleans to me.

Here is her website.

Here she is on Amazon.

I downloaded ‘Come Ye Sinners’ and went on to download a few more. I have Xm Radio so I am able to listen to commercial free southern gospel music at work, but this morning I am listening to the songs from Rachel and plan to do so for a few more hours.

To be honest, I cannot care a tune in a bucket. And as far as keeping rhythm, well, the most rhythmic thing on this body is my heart. That’s the limit of my musical ability, so I listen to the words and for the voice of the person.

Rachel sings some old standards – Wayfaring Stranger, Come Ye Fount – and some not-so-standard-but-should-be songs. She sings this song ‘There must be more’ and I had to shut my office door to crank it up a bit. There is nothing in scripture that I have seen where it says we cannot listen to our music loud and actually enjoy it.

She is bluesy and reminds me somewhat of Natalie Merchant, especially on ‘Come Ye Sinners’. I am tempted to down load all the songs.

Anyway, Rachel has a great voice and great take on these songs, and if I can hear it, then I know that you will be able to as well.

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