I don’t think you understand Creator ontologically

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It bugs me when certain people pretend to know what they are talking about. For instance, Hambone suggests that the entirety of the Gospel is bound up in Augustine’s poor theology of original sin based on his bad translation. Further, he goes on to connect Christ as Creator to this terrible view, forgetting the whole of covenant theology found throughout Scripture.

This also goes back to the the deitistic view of Young Earth Creationists, where you have a trickster god creating only once. Therefore, God is no longer really a creator. He is more like a Creator-ed. Past tense. The Creeds affirm, however, God is still Creator. Science affirms God is still creating in a physical sense. Young Earth Creationism denies both the authority of the Creeds and Science, replacing it with their own magisterium and takes an unholy, unscriptural view of Creation.

This is where panentheists and those who read God’s co-equal book, Science, have a better appreciation, a fuller appreciation of what it means for God to be Creator in the physical sense. (I have to ignore Tony’s poor Trinitarian theology for the moment.) God is Creator first and always. Creator defines God’s existence as much as we can define an existence for God. Because God is Creator and still creating God is likewise Judge. Because God is Judge, God is likewise Savior. But all of this depends upon God still creating as Creator. Not as a past tense issue.

Tony’s notion that the entire Gospel is found in Genesis 3 is rather poor, as poor as his notion of Creation.. It betrays a proper understanding of Creation, Christ, and the Gospel, denying the full covenant that is Creation — each creation, every creation. That is what covenant is, after all, a creation. We have a new creation because of the new covenant with Christ. Christ has perfected the covenant with God. Because of the new covenant, there is a new creation.

In simple words, Scripture affirms a Covenant/Creation sense. The Creeds affirm God as Creator in the ontological sense. Science affirms ongoing creation in a physical sense. None of these things are affirmed by Young Earth Creationists.

So, I guess, in a very real way, those who understand covenant theology are the real Young Earth Creationists because, for us, Creation is only 2000 years old. Liberals, like Ken Ham and Tony B., are unscriptural old earth creationists. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

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8 Replies to “I don’t think you understand Creator ontologically”

  1. Where exactly in the Bible does it say that God’s creation is on-going? Because I definitely recall at least three passages that say that God rested from his work of creation on the 7th Day [Genesis 2:2; Exodus 20:9-11; and Hebrews 4:4,10].

    Praying God grants you repentance for the libel you commit in the name of calling good evil and evil good.


    1. Oh? Tell me then about all of the creation ongoing?

      And tell me then about the deitistic view that you have where God does nothing anymore?

      God does not cease to be anything God ever was. If so, then you have a God who changes.

      I pray God opens your eyes to the evil you are causing in the name of God.

      And as far as Hebrews 4.4-10, you miss the point of the passage. What is God’s rest? Is it a place, an action? An existence? For you, it means God has changes God’s basic existence. Therefore, God is simply one thing here and one thing there.

      Shame, shame on you.

      1. God still works and acts, but he has finished the work of creation. It is a gross misrepresentation of my actual views to peevishly suggest that I mean God does nothing; he upholds all things and he still works, but the Bible explicitly states that he has finished the work of creation. If you have a problem with that, you have a problem with God’s revelation.

        The author of the Hebrews passage makes a point about our needing to labor to enter into God’s rest, but this point is based on the fact of history that God has rested from his work of creation. I’m surprised you don’t know this.

        1. Oh? Would you mind telling me where it says unequivocally that Creation has ceased?

          Before you do, you need to define Creation, creating, Creator, and rest according to ANE, because that is where Genesis hales from, the ANE.

          “THe Bible” states nothing explicitly about ceasing Creation, because for one, there is always a new creation coming. But, then again, you don’t understand creation well either.

          No, God’s rest is a place. It is not the ceasing of all creating aspects. Of course, I’m not anti-semitic and I believe the Jewish writers weren’t writing to white guys of the 20th and 21th century either. This is why you need to go to the context.

          Of course, you didn’t even mention the real reason the Sabbath was given, you know, like it says in Deuteronomy 5. You know, because of the end of slavery.

          And of course, you can’t see that the seventh day never ends in Genesis (you need to read more Augustine than Ham). Nor do you see what it meant for an ancient deity to rest in his temple.

          All you see is what the devil has blinded you to see. Shame…

  2. “God still works and acts, but he has finished the work of creation”…Wow.
    What happens every time a baby pops out? Ignoring facts is not a solution.

    1. or when new stars are formed? The only thing not “created” any longer is matter, but since matter was never created…

      And of course… created is a different sense. In the ANE sense, creating something is assigning it purpose. Of course, arranging matter is giving it purpose in a real way, which points us back to the starts formed in the last millions of years, etc… And the fact that the universe is still expanding, i.e., creation is still new…

      Shucks, looks like Tony’s view on the universe, creation, etc… doesn’t hold water either in Scripture or Science and not in reality either.

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