I count five of these as something I do/have done…

I’ve got five – can you figure out which ones?


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13 Replies to “I count five of these as something I do/have done…”

  1. My guess is watching the Twilight movies while firewalking and listening to heavy metal on Halloween all while holding a Ouija board?!? Tell me I’m right!

  2. I had to Google ‘Remote Viewing.’ I thought it referred to video sermons!
    And the same innocent little church boy is guilty of seven of these sins!


    1. Vegetarianism, must be something bad since all those wacko, pinko-communist Hollywood types do it. Seriously, though, I don’t see the connection of vegetarianism and anything bad (unless you are a cattle chicken or pig farmer.) Must have originated in the mid-west. Interesting, on yoga. That is a BIG thing in the news out here. Yoga classes in schools or quasi-church sponsored exercise groups. I think just a small minority of right-wing conservative parents who make a lot of noise. But one school district already sanitized the exercise to remove anything remotely related to a non-Christian religion. As I remember, they eliminated a stretching exercise/pose with arms up toward the sun, thinking it reflected some foreign god worship. Ridiculous.

      1. Anyone here heard of hesychasm? It’s a form of Eastern Orthodox prayer that involves the entire body (not just the mind or mouth). Some forms of it seem a lot like yoga at least at first glance. I’m surprised it hasn’t made a bigger impact in the US these days, especially among people who wouldn’t touch yoga itself because of its Hindu associations, but are still looking for “something like that” which is Christian.

        Of course, I’m guessing that the author of this list is some Southern fundamentalist Protestant group, who probably view Eastern Orthodoxy as demonic, too. After all, it’s an “Eastern religion”, isn’t it? Never mind that Christianity was Eastern before it was Western.

  3. I’ve racked up 9…maybe 10 depending on a definition of “Earth Worship.”

    In my defense, my wife asked me to attend a Twilight movie with her which was bad enough but I couldn’t even make snarky comments about pale white children and the need for Blade to show up.

    I’m still trying to figure out how a Methodist had less of these than me, a Baptist.

  4. Skull and bones?!? Does this mean don’t be a pirate, don’t have a pirate flag… or that my actual skull and bones will allow a DOORWAY TO DEMONIC POSSESSION!


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