I am Roman Catholic!

Well, not officially, but because a quiz told me so:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 7.04.16 AM

If you take it, tell me what you got.

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18 Replies to “I am Roman Catholic!”

  1. You need to regard the Catholic Scriptures as fabrications even of the Pharisees killing all the prophets by handing them to the enemy
    You need the Real Scriptures of God edited by James platter

  2. With a tie breaker, classic liberal, beating out emergent postmodern, whatever that means. I am thankful my fundamentalist score was zero. Except, I think the software guy needs to ask your zip code, then link it to the nearest church that fits, including directions on google maps. Too bad Wicans, Valentinians, etc are not included. They shut out the UU’s. Or include a non-classical liberal. Or maybe that’s what emergent postmodern means. Emergent postmodern is a rather strange group of words. After modern? Just coming out? Very strange. The words don’t mean anything, I’m too lazy and dont care enough to google it.

  3. Decidedly postmodern with a(n un)healthy dose of classical liberalism. Although I could have probably come close to telling you the former without bothering to answer the questions, I suspect the quiz’s author and I would disagree on the definition of the latter. In either case, as in life, I am typically perceived as an iconoclast threatening a smug status quo.

  4. “You are a Reformed Evangelical. You take the Bible very seriously because it is God’s Word. You most likely hold to TULIP and are sceptical about the possibilities of universal atonement or resistible grace. The most important thing the Church can do is make sure people hear how they can go to heaven when they die.”

    Not surprisingly I got Reformed Evangelical but I want to abolish the word “Evangelical”… It also tells me that I am “skeptical about Irresistible Grace, which I am not; I wouldn’t hold to TULIP if I had any doubts that Grace is irresistible. I also do not agree on the role of the Church as the “sole role” of the Church as I am a defender as the Church as commanded to promote social justice among its members and if the opportunity is available even with outsiders. (Galatians 6:10).
    So, I hope no one goes on changing the denominations (or demon minations) because of this quiz 😉

  5. I got the following:

    You Scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
    You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God’s grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

    Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
    Reformed Evangelical
    Neo orthodox
    Roman Catholic
    Classical Liberal
    Modern Liberal

    The problem is that the basis of their conclusion is also a Reformed belief. The idea that we can choose to believe in Christ despite our being totally depraved because of God’s grace is Reformed. The idea that we can choose not to believe as well as choose to believe having received God’s grace is not Reformed.

    Except for the practical theology side of me, I am Reformed Evangelical. I reject Wesley’s 2nd experience theology and part of his holiness emphasis. But what can you do?

    1. you can get right with God, Curt – that’s what you can do 😉

      I believe the emphasis should be on “choose.” For Wesleyan’s, it is a pure choice, so you can reject it.

  6. Just for the record, not to mention my not being overly trusting of these classification quizzes, completely neutral responses to all questions yields the following results if the tie-breaker questions are ignored:
    Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan 50%
    Fundamentalist 50%
    Modern Liberal 50%
    Roman Catholic 50%
    Reformed Evangelical 50%
    Charismatic/Pentecostal 50%
    Classical Liberal 50%
    Emergent/Postmodern 50%
    Neo orthodox 50%

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