How to pray the Rosary

Figured that this could serve two purposes. First, for those who are mystified by it, you could see what is being said. Second, for those who need it, well, here is a quick cheat sheet, if you will. You can find it here where it is now in my media library for safe keeping, but thanks to New Advent for it.

Someone I know, a few months ago, began to pray the rosary. This man expressed that one time, during the praying for this rosary, something happened. It was as if the world stopped spinning, time slowed, and for a brief moment, he experienced clarity and a connection with something higher. It last but a moment or three, but it was enough to be noticed and retained by him. It was different than his former pentecostal experiences and radically so. Indeed, his expression was one of peace rather than one of excitableness.

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