How to move your congregation from the KJV to a ‘better translation’?

Fr. Stephen shared this video today, and how important it is. I am not sure if Piper has ever heard of the King James Version Only group, but it is difficult to get through to them that other translations are just as, if not more than, accurate as the KJV.



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23 Replies to “How to move your congregation from the KJV to a ‘better translation’?”

    1. It is extremely difficult. According to some, if you do not read the KJV-1611 (never mind that no one reads the 1611) then you are not saved. To others, you don’t need to read the KJV-1611 to be saved, but if you don’t you don’t believe in the God of the Bible.

      KJVO people are militant, Fr. Stephen.

  1. Joel,
    Piper has been around, I am sure he has seen the KJVO people. We even have them in the UK. But many of them are solid Christians. I know some of the old PB groups that are KJVO, they present some fine Christian virtue. For the most part, they have excepted the fact that the KJV will no longer be the Text of most Christians. As they see (and have in their doctrine for years) that the true Church has been in what they call “ruins” (John Nelson Darby’s theology, etc.) Whether we agree or not some of the doctrines of the Plymouth Brethren still affect the conservative Christian base today.
    Fr. R.

    1. Fr. Robert, the KJVO people are different here.

      There is a big difference between KJV primary and KJV-Only. I do not dismiss the Christians who hold such a view, as I know many who are indeed sincere and wonderful Christians – but the leaders of the moment use the most unChrist like methods to secure this doctrinal position.

      1. Joel,
        Yes, most of the UK PB’s that are KJVO, are just utilitarian in use. There are also some conservative Anglicans that use the KJV like this too. I am not one of them, but I still love the cadence and beauty of the KJV. Also somehow it works well for scripture memorization. It will continue in the English speaking I think, until people cannot read the Kings English.
        Fr. R.

        1. Oh, I agree. The beauty – not just the prose, but the history, and Tradition – of the KJV is something to behold. When you place a KJV in your hand, whether Cambridge or a dollar store brand – you place in your hand the history of that work. It is not too old to use, or to unweldly to carry.

          My only qualm is those who consider the KJV as the only inspired bible. I am serious when I say that people actually believe that Christ and Paul used the KJV – that the KJV was written before Adam fell.

          1. Deluded, is what they are. Further, they believe that that the passage in Revelation about not adding to ‘this book’ refers only to the KJV and the books out of which we are judged are the 66 books of the KJV.

  2. Joel,

    Piper suggests that pastors teach the nature of language. Does that mean he is suggesting that we teach the original languages? 🙂 If so, I am right there with him.

    1. Me too, Rod. Although I think that you cannot overburden people, but at some point you have to introduce the original languages, otherwise we forget the alienness of the text.

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