How to live on Mars?

Clarification could come, however, by seeking out Mars-like surfaces on Earth and studying what, if anything, lives there. Mars is very cold and very dry but, of the two, the dryness is the more serious obstacle: water is crucial to known life. The driest place on Earth is the Atacama desert in Chile, and for years astrobiologists have been sifting the soil there, looking for hardy microbes able to eke out an existence in the hyper-arid terrain. For a while it looked as if no life whatsoever could withstand the desiccating conditions of the Atacama’s core, but then in 2006 a visiting chemist from the University of Lleida in Spain, Jacek Wierzchos, made a chance discovery.

via The key to life on Mars may well be found in Chile | Paul Davies | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Tonight, another mission to Mars (un-human-ed?). I hope to go to Mars, or perhaps, that we will get to Mars before the end of this life.

And, I hope to see the first church established on Mars. Shoot, send me. I’ll go. Would love too.

the Right Rev. Joel, First United Methodist Church of Mars.


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