How to Celebrate St. Nicholas’s Feast Day – A Game

The goal of this game is to slap as many Arians as possible.

1.) Walk up to random people on the street. This has to be random. Many of you know Arians already so to get them would be unfair.

2.) Ask them if they are a Christian.

If No, kick them in the chins, hard, tell them they are going to hell and calmly walk away. If yes, proceed:

3.) As them to define the Trinity.

If they give you some analogy of a rock or an egg, they are tritheists. You may beat them mercilessly.

If they quote the Apostle’s Creed, tell them “That’s nice, but that’s not the Trinity as defined by the Council of Nicaea.”

If they quote either the first or second Nicene Creed or the Creed of St. Athanasius this is a point in their favor.

Ask them if Jesus is of the same substance as the Father. If they look at you puzzled, you may tap them on the arm. If they say no, slap them until they relent.


  • People kicked in the chins: 1 point
  • People tapped on the shoulder: 2 points
  • People slapped: 3 points

The goal is to get 100 points by the end of the day. The first one to do so will win 1,000,000 Joel-dollars.


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