How Roger Olsen destroys Protestantism

I have to agree with Dr. Francis Beckwith – the posting of such a list of approved denominations suggests a culture of consumerism in modern Protestantism.

Dr. Olsen has given us a list of his approved denominations, as if a clothing rack we may choose from depending on how hot or cold the weather is.

Dr. Beckwith responds,

The Catholic (or Orthodox) is, or ought to be, more concerned with the Church approving him rather than him approving it. At the end of the day, the whole idea of “church shopping” sounds like a brief for ecclesiastical promiscuity, which, in my experience, always leads to unsafe sects, no matter the advertised effectiveness of one’s theological prophylactic.

But you know… when you look at the number of denominations Olsen lists… so very many, you come to realize that so many are nothing more than a hair’s space a part, but because of one personality or another, they split into two… and two begot three, and three four and so on.

Is this what Zwingli, Luther, and Calvin foresaw?

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4 Replies to “How Roger Olsen destroys Protestantism”

  1. Unfortunately, if Beckwith had his druthers we’d all be Roman Catholics (with a nod to the Orthodox). While the Pope and I agree that we will each “make it to Heaven,” Roman Catholicism wouldn’t be at the top of my recommended list either. I remain at a loss however how a recommended list “destroys Protestantism.’

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