How did I miss this Oscar winning piece from J.P. Holding?

Oh my…. this is funny.

HT – JK from Real World Charleston

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One Reply to “How did I miss this Oscar winning piece from J.P. Holding?”

  1. J. P. Holding needs to write the JPH Bible that finally tells us what every passage really means.

    Unfortunately, he’s not inerrant and neither are his interpretations, including his take on the Jepthah tale.

    Concerning this video and his video on Elisha and the Bears, one might note that there is nothing in the ancient agonistic-honor-shame world that would preclude children being killed to maintain the honor of the high deity. But instead, J.P. Holding turns Elisha’s young children into well armed gangbangers lusting after bear meat! Though the text has them described merely as children and merely calling Elisha a childish name at that, “baldy!”

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