How dare Mark Shea be right about Protestantism

My friend said he realized “I can be a Protestant or a Christian, but I could not be both anymore.”  The mood of skeptical corrosion that ate away at all the rest of the Catholic and apostolic deposit of faith reaches, finally, the sacred book the Church proclaims at her liturgies and the Bible-only Protestant faces a stark choice: he can do like my friend and acknowledge the fundamental blunder of using the Bible as a weapon against the community that wrote, edited, and collated it—or he can do like Ehrman and deconstruct the Bible as well, in the process destroying his faith and collecting his 30 pieces of silver and bravely facing the applause of the MSM.

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There is not such a strong dichotomy as Shea suggests, or at least that is what I tell myself as I ponder Petrine primacy, the mystery of the rosary, and the role Mary has been afforded.

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