How dare Jason Staples… How DARE HE!

He dares to take on the liberal wing of the blogosphere and seeks to clarify that ‘fire in my belly bit.’

The phrase “fire in the belly,” as it turns out, has nothing to do with dominion theology (nor is it a common buzzword in dominion circles, although “fire” itself often has a technical sense within Pentecostalism). Rather, it’s a common turn of phrase that has been in use since at least the late 19th Century

via Sarah Palin’s “Fire in her belly” is Not Dominionist Code | Professor Obvious.

I don’t much care for Palin, but Jason is pretty cool, darn cool.

I prefer balance, and I often joke that if there are two extremes, I want to find the dead middle.


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One Reply to “How dare Jason Staples… How DARE HE!”

  1. I’ve always called myself a flaming moderate.

    I wonder if that means fire in the belly? Not too much, of course: just enough.

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