how close does Wesley come to Calvinism? (Free Will)

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Although these minutes are not part of the doctrinal standards of The United Methodist Church, reading them can be helpful in understanding Wesley better.

The following persons being met together at the New-Room, in Bristol; John Wesley, Charles Wesley, John Hodges, Thomas Richards, Samuel Larwood, Thomas Meyrick, Richard Moss, John Slocombe, Herbert Jenkins, and Marmaduke Gwynne; it was proposed to review the Minutes of the last Conference with regard to justification. And it was asked…

Q. 23. Wherein may we come to the very edge of Calvinism?

A. (1.) In ascribing all good to the free grace of God. (2.) In denying all natural free-will, and all power antecedent to grace. And, (3.) In excluding all merit from man; even for what he has or does by the grace of God.

Q. 24. Wherein may we come to the edge of Antinomianism?

A. (1.) In exalting the merits and love of Christ. (2.) In rejoicing evermore.

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2 Replies to “how close does Wesley come to Calvinism? (Free Will)”

  1. I bet Marmaduke Gwynne asked question 23. I am sure he was thinking, “No one could possibly be predestined to be named Marmaduke!”

  2. These are also beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, Not knowing much about Calvinism I never before realized how close their doctrine came to Roman Catholic.

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