House and Dinner Church?

As my family and I pray for God’s direction in our life, we are considering (testing?) new methods of fellowship and interaction with the Gospel. Here seems to be a novel idea:

When she was 8 years old, Eleni Melirrytos spent a summer with her aunt in a small village, just west of the ancient Greek city of Corinth.

Young Eleni was mesmerized by the delightful smells in the 100-year-old house, built by her great-grandfather, a Greek Orthodox priest. She watched in amazement as her aunt took raw milk and turned it into creamy cheese.

“One day I stole the milk, took it to the basement and tried to do what I had seen her do,” Melirrytos confessed.

When she presented the newly made cheese to the family, her aunt and grandmother were amazed. “You did it, Eleni!” they said.

Now 49, Melirrytos, a minister’s wife and member of the Omonia Church of Christ in Athens, uses her passion for cooking as part of her ministry. From Greece to Africa and from Sri Lanka to the United States, her cookery and hospitality have blessed thousands, friends said. “Whether she is preparing a pork loin stuffed with herbs and cheese for a church brunch or a garlic, rosemary crust lamb for an intimate birthday celebration …  her creations tantalize the palate, nourish the body and warm the heart,” said Theresa Mulieris, an office manager at the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

But preparing fresh, tantalizing dishes is only part of Melirrytos’ ministry, said Barbara Fox, business manager of the Hillsboro church in Nashville, Tenn., which oversees the Melirrytos’ work.

“There’s an aura about her of love,” Fox said. “Her mantra, which she believes and practices, is that the fellowship around the table creates a connection that can’t be formed any other way.”

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I am not sure about you, but it seems that a good many times, night services do continue to the local restaurant. So what about dinner fellowship?

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6 Replies to “House and Dinner Church?”

  1. Mmmmm I can almost smell it  :o)

    Sounds remarkably like how the New Testament Church ‘did’ church to me Polycarp.  God Bless her!

  2. Yes, I think church is supposed to be sharing of life together. What better way than to share that which we need and love while sharing HE whom we need and love?

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