Holy Week 2011 – My Son at Communion

We are having a daily communion service at our local congregation this week, in celebration of Holy Week. Today, my son and I were able to attend. It was sparsely attended.

Anyway, my son was asked by the our Pastor of Parish Life to participate in the distribution of the sacrament. He was to hold the cup. While he couldn’t say the full response, ‘This is the blood of Christ, shed for you’, he was able to say ‘The Blood of Christ.’

I stood before him not as a father, or a son, or a husband, but as a disciple. He was baptized. I am baptized. We, during that moment, were disciples together, and I was coming to him to take the communion cup which Christ through him offered. He said ‘The Blood of Christ’, and I dipped my bread into it the cup, turned and walked to my seat.

I was a pretty happy father when I got back to my seat.

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