Hoffmann on the Mythicists’ Irrationality

The reason that the mythtics are determined to hide the evidence under their bed  and then ask where it is seems to come from the darker regions of intentionality.  So let me be direct.

It is important to them that Jesus should not exist.  It is important to them in a way that the existence of Proclus or Anacreon or Alcibiades or even Socrates is not. The mythtics don’t want history, they want a victory. They don’t want serious discussion or best interpretation, they want to score points.

via The Passion of the Christ-Deniers | The New Oxonian.

A very delightful essay and one which will fuel the young earth creationists, er, mythicists for a bit.

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3 Replies to “Hoffmann on the Mythicists’ Irrationality”

  1. Interesting. I certainly don’t recognise myself in that excerpt. But then again, I have yet to finish reading Doherty.

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