Hitler takes on Mark Driscoll

I’ve had to debate myself all day about releasing this video… First, I don’t like vulgarity. Sometimes, it is necessary because others say it, to link to a post or article with it in there. I don’t say it myself, so I have a difficult time allowing others to say it on my blog.

Second, I don’t like the humorization of Hitler. Hitler was a genocidal maniac. What he did, what he led, is nothing to joke about.

However…. Mark Driscoll has brought filth into the Church. His views on a wide range of things is disgusting. He deserves to be mocked for much of this, in my opinion. There is some graphic language, but oddly enough, most of it can be found coming from Driscoll at some point, which is why I finally decided to post it. Further, as many of us have said, Driscoll is a time bomb waiting to explode. No, this is not a logical fallacy to suggest that the amount of time Driscoll spends on these subjects reveals something going on in his life. The fact is, is that the sin which bothers preachers the most can be found in their sermons the most.

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14 Replies to “Hitler takes on Mark Driscoll”

  1. That video is excessive. I strongly dislike / disapprove of Driscoll as well. And, yes, I suspect there may be something homo-erotic about his machismo — but, what do I know. Still, I would never post that video. It is a reflection of the coarseness of contemporary humor.

    1. Indeed, that us why I first didn’t post it. But, considering the coarseness Driscoll, I eventually, timidly, felt that sometimes it is the only way to get points across. I may be wrong, sometimes I am, but I hope that more people will begin laughing at Driscoll

    2. I think the language is excessive, also. When translating Hitler’s rant, I should have used symbols or some other indicator rather than Adolf’s salty language. I’m afraid that when he’s angry, he tends to “work blue”-one of Mr. Hitler’s little character defects. Not to worry, however…I have asked the Mars Hill leadership to craft one of their increasingly popular church discipline contracts for the Fuhrer.

  2. ahh.. so a fine and generally typical representative of American Christianity then?

    (the only sarcasm is in the first adjective.. the rest of the world would see him as a typical representative and “nothing abnormal coming from the usa..”)

  3. I think,if you will read my post again,you will find that the presence of wrongness in deed being attributed to wrongness in heart is qualitatively different from a motivational ad hominem.

  4. Not gonna lie. This cracked me up. Of course the video is actually a win for Driscoll. “See. The people who critique me are crass and corrupt. They actually identify with Hitler. D@mn liberals love the Palestinians and hate the Jews.”

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