Hillary Clinton V. Jeb and Alan v. Henry


First, Allan Bevere’s post. Then Henry’s:

Allan Bevere on the Left-Right Continuum — Threads from Henry’s Web.

Right now we have several people declared and several more on their way to declare their intentions to run for President of the United States of America.

I am less publicly political than I was 8 years ago. Somewhat because my positions have changed in some regards, and in someway because I am more cynical of the American political process than I was 8 years ago. After all, after Citizen’s United, among other issues, I have to wonder if candidates are not simply puppets.

During the coming months, we will hear once again that one person of this party cannot be a Christian. We will, again, see Christianity and American’ity combined so that it is suggested Jesus died for us and our voting rights. Real issues will be ignored.

Right now, the two media frontrunners are Hillary and Jeb. Unlike John Quincy Adams (and generation removed from his father), Benjamin Harrison (the grandson of a president), and Franklin Roosevelt (a cousin of a president), we have two candidates of the exact same generation as a former president – a former president still alive. This dynastic tendency worries me.

I could comment on individual candidates, but I won’t. I will simply try to remember that those Christians — and those Americans — with whom I disagree are no less Christian or American than I. And we have to stop it from seeping into our local congregations.

I hope you do the same.

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2 Replies to “Hillary Clinton V. Jeb and Alan v. Henry”

  1. The old adage is that Democrats “fall in love,” while Republicans “fall in line.” Aside from Chelsea and Charlotte, I’m not sure anyone has “fallen in love” with Hillary. It’s quite odd, but only the Democrats will preserve and possibly expand the “bent toward justice” we have in the U.S.

  2. Republican wannabes for 2016 are in much the same position as the Democratic “Seven Dwarfs” three decades earlier. There is no front runner.

    Not only is Republican pack likely chew each other up in the primaries, the party is increasingly out of touch not only with voters, but also with reality. As a result, rhetoric required to appeal to Republicans does not go over well with more mainstream voters.

    On the other hand, despite Martin O’Malley’s bluster, it is unlikely Hillary will face any serious competition from Democrats. The election is hers to loose.

    At the same time, it is important to understand that Hillary is a political animal. She can be bought and sold like every other political prostitute in Washington.

    Long gone are the days of Clinton’s failed healthcare reform initiative. As a senator, she was second to Rick Santorum in campaign contributions from the healthcare industry.

    Decades of Republican sniping have made Hillary into a formidable opponent. Not only is she thick skinned, she’s learned from her 2008 mistakes. She’s as much an iron maiden as Margaret Thatcher.

    Hilary’s tenure as Secretary of State uniquely positions her to perform on the international stage. As a senator, she became well versed in domestic policy. Furthermore, unlike her Republican opponents, she has seen both the White House and presidential elections from the inside.

    Besides, Hilary has been thoroughly vetted. Not only has she survived microscopic scrutiny from Republicans operatives looking under every rock, thanks to Bill, Hilary knows how to handle a scandal!

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