Hey Newt, if Herman Cain isn’t Vice-Presidential material, you aren’t Presidential material

Newt let loose on the ‘liberal media elite’ because they dared ask him about his character… But, you know… that didn’t stop him from commenting on Herman Cain’s character and even dismissing Cain because of his issues as Vice-Presidential material:

TAPPER: Your friend Herman Cain who probably has had better months in his life, you have been through difficult political storms, what would your advice to him be and do you still think he would be on your short list for vice president?

GINGRICH: Well, I mean, my advice to Herman having lived through a lot of different experiences is he has to stop and open up his heart and he has to think very prayerfully about what he owes his own family and what he owes his own future. I don’t think any of the rest of us can tell him what he ought to do and I think he needs to deal with it and I don’t have any comment on Herman beyond that until he decides what he’s going to do.

TAPPER: Do you still he’s still vice presidential material?

GINGRICH: I think he’s a very fine person, but I think he’s got to sort through where he’s at. And that’s something that’s very personal and it’s something he and his family need to do together. (here)

Note as well that Gingrich as answered Fox News’s hosts and their questions… with the answer that his sins have made him a better sinner, um, politician.

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3 Replies to “Hey Newt, if Herman Cain isn’t Vice-Presidential material, you aren’t Presidential material”

  1. As a Christian liberal, I see only ‘commercial’ media in this country – the type that wins big from every election year’s attack-ad campaigns (i.e., will not support campaign reform) and whose news programs are 70% supported by advertisements from pharmaceutical companies (i.e will not support health care reform).

    The only liberal media in this country is Mother Jones, Nation, and the Village Voice.

    I thought the only kind of ‘advice’ Newt might have been qualified to give Cain would be to dump his wife before admitting the affair. But that advice would have been needed years ago.

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