hey, maybe 10,000 dead, but butter Jesus is still standing

Sorry for the quip.

Anyway, the Christian Post is running this article:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.14.56 PM

The article begins,

In what some are calling a sign of the almighty, a statue of Jesus Christ atop a small hill in the town of Tanauan, in the central Philippines, withstood the destruction levied by typhoon Haiyan and has become a beacon of hope in the heavily Catholic region.

The article never really address who says that. But, you know what – when there are between 5 to 10000 DEAD a still-standing statue is not a “sign of the almighty” anymore than a tree still standing.

This is stupid theology, stupid logic, and a grasping of straws. This is meant to deflect the questions of ‘why would God allow this tragedy’ and replace it with ‘hey, look, white jesus is still standing so god loves us.’


This is stupid.

Also, why point out that it is a “heavily Catholic region?”

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