Hey Liberals, where’s that bleeding heart at?

Has eight years of Bush and two years of Boehner drove it out of you?

A hurricane, Isaac, is fast approaching Tampa, heralded, mockingly, as a sign from God against the GOP convention. This is not right. Hurricanes do a lot of damage, destroying lives and takes lives.

It’ll hit Tampa, pretty certain, and we have the infrastructure to reduce the effected, but before it does, it will hit Haiti where many, many still live in tents. Houses do not always remain standing in hurricanes… so what do you think it’ll do to a tent?

Liberals are cheering the hurricane on to Tampa…

Forgetting about Haiti and the other Caribbean peoples likely to suffer massive damage and loss of life…

Way to go.

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10 Replies to “Hey Liberals, where’s that bleeding heart at?”

  1. Our stupid, evil, disgusting, hate-filled political rhetoric has blinded people to anything else.

    Republicans might be inconvenienced, so Democrats take delight. Never mind the big picture. Never mind every other person in the world (you have no idea how much editing has gone into typing this vs. what I’m thinking … I’m not sure my uncensored comment would be permitted).

    I find the whole thing disgusting.

  2. Oh, please. As you admit, liberals are mocking Pat Robertson et al. I double dog dare you to produce a quote from a liberal who is sincerely cheering a hurricane to hit Tampa without regard to its path getting there.

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