Hey Jim, Guess what – Steve Jobs did not go to hell, just heaven 1.0

Cohen told the magazine that Jobs is “not in hell,” though “he’s had to do a lot reviewing of his life. Right now he knows the lesson he has to learn, but he hasn’t learned it yet.”

She also said that Jobs has “guides” in the afterlife that are trying to teach him that “survival of the fittest is a made up thing,” and that he needed to be more concerned for the wellbeing of others.

via Psychic: Steve Jobs Not Having A Pleasant Afterlife « CBS Seattle.

Jim West pronounced Steve Jobs as a hellbound sinner.

Well, I’ve got news for him – an honest to goodness psychic talks to Jobs daily as he reformats Heaven. As you know, you never buy a first generation Apple product, so I guess Steve has decided not to take a first glance heaven or something.

Anyway… Jim’s wrong… na na na boo boo

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2 Replies to “Hey Jim, Guess what – Steve Jobs did not go to hell, just heaven 1.0”

  1. Apple should have employed this psychic. I’m sure she would have passed on a warning, supposedly from Steve Jobs, not to launch the iPhone 5 until the maps app worked properly. But then she wouldn’t have needed special powers to receive that message, just a little common sense.

  2. The best thing I’ve heard yet on Steve Jobs in eternity. As someone who dabbled deeply in Buddhism before returning to the gospel, I have a respect for these Zen types. 1.0? Perhaps a little higher than that…but then I suspect the scale goes VERY high…much more so than the seven steps of Dante’s Purgatorio.

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