Hey Bibleworks…

I am really starting to get into Bibleworks beyond the already magnificent every day tools for actual study… specially the analysis and word list tools…

Question – I have Bibleworks 8 (I know I need to upgrade to 9, but…)

So, here you go…

I want a single Greek file so that I can use the phrase analysis tool for all the Greek Texts – BGT, Josephus, and a few of the other ones. Is that possible?

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2 Replies to “Hey Bibleworks…”

  1. Hmm… Theoretically there’s a way to do this on your own. You should be able to compile your own über-version by exporting the various databases you’d like to combine and then compiling them together as one database. I just tried it out, and it caused the program to ‘choke’… It’s a good idea though (I think it would be a great feature request for you to be able to define other corpora to include in the Phrase Matching/Related Verse Tools).

  2. I forgot to mention, the best way to submit ideas like this to BW is to use their Ideas Form. I went ahead and submitted your blog post as an idea, but I encourage you to do so as well. It’s always good to get as many folks squeaking as possible so that the wheel is more likely to get greased. 🙂

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