Herold Weiss – Science and Reason… and faith

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Two quick quotes to share –

If you are a person of faith, you must squarely face the necessity of determining how to relate your faith to the knowledge made available by science. (p26)

…I needed to wrestle with how my faith was to be related to the knowledge made available by reason. (p27)

Weiss us is in the middle of discussing his early educational career and goes on to note his evangelical debate with a Catholic school chum about his age. He lost, soundly. He attributes this to his ability to memorize while the Catholic was taught to use logic and Scripture – to think, as Weiss puts it.I haven’t gotten any further in the book, actually, but already, it is clear that Weiss and I share a few common traits.

Science, reason, logic, faith. All truth is God’s truth and all of these things are to reveal God to us, to reveal His truth to us. We can use them and should use them in exploring our individual faith.

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