Heretics, Idols, and the KJVO Preacher that just won't go away

Remember this guy? (Warning, may be offensive to some)

Well, thanks to Scotteriology we now have more videos, and they are just as impressive:


But, because that was not enough,

Scott’s right when he points out,

If someone is this obtuse when it comes to merely opening his trunk when he has nothing to hide out of some misguided need to be “right” then imagine how much fun it is to discuss the Bible with him.

Do I really need to add any more to the videos?

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12 Replies to “Heretics, Idols, and the KJVO Preacher that just won't go away”

  1. I read and listened to this on you tube,last month, If he had nothing to hide,why do what he did, just let them check out his car and be done and go home, but he had to be smart and he is loving all the attention, and has a lawsuit, filed now,, and this is a man of God?

  2. Steven Anderson please stop your whining. Jesus was beaten and nailed on the cross for our sins and he gets beats up for disobeying authority; what we were commanded to do in the Bible. .

    @5:40 pointing out how he was mocked, laughed at and reviled at. Jesus suffered all those things and we are called to be His disciples and be like Him.

    One thing that reviles me is his pride.

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