Heresy and Concession

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Excellent article by Benjamin B. Warfield – (Nov. 1851 – Feb. 17, 1921)

The article begins,

Heresy and Concession

In G. P. Fisher’s  History of Christian Doctrine there is a very suggestive passage in which he tells us how heresies usually originate, and gives us an insight into their nature. He says:

When Christianity is brought into contact with modes of thought and tenets originating elsewhere, either of two effects may follow: It may assimilate them, discarding whatever is at variance with the gospel, or the tables may be turned and the foreign elements may prevail. In the latter case there ensues a perversion of Christianity, an amalgamation with it of ideas discordant with its nature. The product then is a heresy.

But to fill out the conception, it seems necessary that error should be aggressive and should give rise to an effort to build up a party, and thus to divide the Church. In the Apostles’ use of the term, “heresy” contains a factious element.

He then proceeds to remark that ” ‘heresy’ meant originally ‘choice’; then an opinion that is the product of choice or of the will, instead of being drawn from the divine Word”; that it is, in a word, “a man-made opinion” as distinguished from a divinely taught doctrine.

It is an article well worth reading.

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