Help Wanted: Looking for Mark’s Theology

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I’ve got to write a paper on Mark. The break down should be as follows:

Marks Theology – 5 pages

Exegesis of a certain passage – 5 pages (I’ve already got this one)

Application of the preceding sections to the modern Church – 5 pages. (I’ll wing it)

So, I need some help – books, journals, ect… – on looking for Theology in Mark. What’s your take on the shortest and obviously most intriguing/boring of the Gospels?

Is Mark a radical feminist? A Liberation Theologian in the making?

An Arian?

A Trinitarian – doubtful, but you know…

A Protestant?

A Catholic?

A disenfranchised Jew in Rome?

A scribe for Peter?

Any suggestions on sources for Mark’s unique theology?



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5 Replies to “Help Wanted: Looking for Mark’s Theology”

  1. Hey Joel, William Telford’s “The Theology of the Gospel of Mark” may be useful and its on google preview. James Crossley’s, ‘Mark’s Christology and a Scholarly Creation of a Non-Jewish Christ of Faith?’ (in Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition) critiques a number of scholar constructions of christology in Mark so may be a useful overview. For some traditional defenses on the Papias tradition, Gundry (Mark: A Commentary on His Apology for the Cross), Hengel (Studies in Mark) or Bauckham (Jesus and the Eyewitnesses). For liberation theology, Ched Myers “Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Gospel” or Richard Horsley’s “Reading the Whole Story: the Politics of Plot in Mark’s Gospel”. And notice you have only a disenfranchised Jew in Rome – what about a disenfranchised Jew in Syria-Palestine (Howard Clark Kee, Gerd Theissen, Burton Mack, Joel Marcus [his article on the Sitz im Leben of Mark also online], etc.) or Galilee (Willi Marxsen, H.N. Roksam) or giving up the search altogether (Dwight Petersen, the Origins of Mark: The Markan Community in Current Debate). Have fun.

  2. Dave Black’s “Why 4 Gospels” has an interesting take on Mark..

    Personally I believe that Mark is actually a recording of Marks testimony….Dave Black links to an interesting paper on Mark being a recording of an actual talk and is to be read as a testimony / talk.

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