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I admire the independent book and bible publishers out there, even if it is a Calvinistic book shop. I don’t review for Crossway for a reason – their rather adamant Piperitish. The only ESV I have is the one with the Deuterocanon (well, that and the electronic ones). But, they are a Christian ministry, and an independent Christian publishing house and they need your help. I would urge you to consider helping in some way, if possible.

As you may have heard, a flood recently swept through Crossway’s headquarters. About two feet of water poured into our 32 first-floor offices due to unrelenting rains. The damage was extensive and repairs and rebuilding will take five or six months. You can see the damage here in thisvideo.

More important, however, is the impact this could have on major ministry projects that we have planned.

via An Urgent Message from Our President | Crossway.

Find out how at the link.

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