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This will be the first post in a series on the new Hebrew Bible for Kindle (or Nook) from Miklal Software Solutions.  Normally, my reviews follow the pattern of author, contents and personal thoughts.  Here I will discuss the developer, contents and then give my personal thoughts.

Miklal Software Solutions focuses on developing “solutions for Biblical studies, semitics, and digital humanities.”  Aside from the Hebrew Bible for Kindle, they have developed computer-based flashcards for Biblical Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and are working on a pilot program involving critical editions of classical rabbinic texts.  They also provide a number of custom services, which would be worthwhile to look at if you have a personal project that you are mulling over.

I hope you will click through and see all that the this company has to offer.  Below I have posted the company description given on their website:

Miklal Software Solutions, Inc. provides software products and custom services related to Semitics, Biblical studies, and digital humanities.

Miklal was founded by Drayton Benner, who also serves as its president. Benner studied mathematics and computer science as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia and worked full-time doing research and development work in scientific software for a number of years before being drawn to biblical studies and semitics. Benner obtained a Master’s degree from Regent College (Vancouver, BC, Canada) in Old Testament and is an advanced PhD student in Northwest Semitic Philology in the University of Chicago’s Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Department.

Among ancient languages, Benner has studied Hebrew (Biblical, Inscriptional, Qumran, Tannaitic), Aramaic (Old, Imperial, Biblical, Targumic), Ugaritic, Transjordanian dialects (Moabite, Edomite, Ammonite), Phoenician, Punic, Akkadian, Arabic (Koranic, Classical), and Greek (Classical, Koine). Among modern languages, Benner has studied French, Spanish, and German.

Alongside his graduate studies, Benner continued to do software development, both in scientific software development and also in Bible software, before founding Miklal. He has both published and presented at academic conferences on the intersection of computing and biblical studies.

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