Hath No Man Biblical Literacy?

Some time ago, apparently to satisfy an intellectual masochistic streak, I subscribed to the e-mail newsletter of the American Family Association. This evening, I received a rather spectacular gem of a press release.

From Coram Deo Studios and Lionsgate comes No Greater Love, a feature film about a broken marriage, a sovereign God and a life-changing love.


No Greater Love is a beautiful depiction of how loving God and loving others can bring the unlovable to Christ. In this film the church reaches out in love and with truthful correction. It’s a visible reminder that God is in control and His love is compelling.

>Sigh of unsurprised amusement<

The AFA and Coram Deo are clearly oblivious as to the source of their title. You all know the verse:

“Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

The type of love referenced in the verse is far from matrimonial; instead, the ‘greater love’ is the kind of literal sacrificial love exhibited by God when he played “I’ll kill mine if you’ll kill yours” with Abraham.

Being untrue to source material is nothing new for Hollywood films, but for an ostensibly Christian studio to release a Christian film and display such an obvious disregard for the semiotics of their title is…par for the course when it comes to “Christian” films.

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7 Replies to “Hath No Man Biblical Literacy?”

  1. Robert, I think you have hit on a key issue which people simple do not recognize – misapplication and commercialization of the bible. If the bible is our sacred text, then it behooves us to use it properly so as not to destroy people with it.

  2. I think its a great application of the text. If you claim to love, and you are willing to die for someone, why would you not be willing to put the life of ypur spouse before your own life? Christ did it for us, in so many ways (metaphorically and literally), like washing the feet of his disciples (ultimtely He did physically and literally laid down His life), and we are considered HIS bride. Why should we not put OUR bride before us?

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