Harry Potter is Satanic – Be Warned! Be Warned! Oh Deathly Hallows!

That’s right, Harry Potter is of the devil, satanic. It will corrupt your mind. Steal your soul. Cause your feet to smell like Gouda cheese. Seriously, look it up. And, look at this.

Very good articles  

Now, I may just be doing this for the hits, but you know…

Now, if you want a good movie – watch Lord of the Rings

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5 Replies to “Harry Potter is Satanic – Be Warned! Be Warned! Oh Deathly Hallows!”

  1. Ummmm … yeah.

    In one of their articles, they refer to the ghost Nearly-Headless Nick as “Nearly-Headless Dick” to make their point about “Tom, Dick, and Harry” work. To say nothing of the fact that Voldemort, Nick, and Harry Potter hardly make much of a trinity.

    Great stuff, there, Joel. :rolleyes:

    I’m reading “Search for WondLa” now. I eagerly await my lessons about its satanic influence.

      1. Oh, hey, if we’re hit-whoring, though …

        How do you suppose that “Harry Potter” compares to Green Lantern, Thor, X-Men: First Class, Cowboys and Aliens, or anything relating to backyard chickens?

        Or Sandra Boynton picture books?

        Dr. Seuss is good, too.

  2. sooo you do believe all of this, or was this article made to simply poke fun? Because I have read all the books and seen all the movies..and not once have I felt the need to go pagan. Sure it would be fun to dress like a witch and concoct potions, butthe messege of the book is not let’s all study witchcraft, it’s let’s stick up for yourself and fight evil. be brave.

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