Happy Birthday, Mother West Virginia

I was discussing the spiritualness of being in West Virginia with someone yesterday. There is something about this state. I’ve known people who simply cannot get away.Their is that Stoic bond here, once you get it in, that connects you to the mountains in this state. It is┬áreciprocal. We mourn with her, we rejoice with her.

I’ve been all over the United States, and to China. Where ever this song is sung, people will sing, West Virginia or not. But, if a West Virginian is in the crowd, it will be a religious experience – almost like a revival.

The people here are connected to the land in a unique way. As a Southerner, raised in the Deep South, we had our identifications and our mythos of being of the land. But here, here it is real.

West Virginia is my home – I can’t get (it) out (of me). I wouldn’t want to. I just hope that I can leave it a better place than how it found me.

Here is another one…

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