Hammering out more on Women in Ministry

David, a new blogger and a Facebook friend, has written a post on women in ministry which I should like to call to your attention. He acknowledges that he has held several different positions on the subject,

  1. Women should have no place in ordained ministry.
  2. Women should teach other women.
  3. Women are permitted to function as missionaries, but not as pastors.
  4. Women are permitted to pastor, but not as senior pastors (or as “senior teaching authorities,” in the language of John Lindell, of Ozark, Missouri).
  5. Women are permitted in every position except oversight (the role of a bishop or as we call in the Assemblies of God, a presyter.
  6. Women are permitted to every position, bar none.

He goes on throughout the various passages and interprets them for you, concluding,

For me as part of the Methodist and Pentecostal traditions, the placing of limitations of God as to whom he can and cannot use on the basis of their anatomical equipment is simply an indicator of ludicrous insanity that borders on heresy and severe judgment at the hands of God himself.  To be uncomfortable with the idea of God using a woman in a position of leadership is understandable, but to rebel and scream that it’s impossible is a violation of Jesus observation and its logical implication:  With God, all things are possible.

You can read the post here.

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