Gun manufacturers can’t keep up with U.S. demand

Buyers in record numbers are flooding into gun stores, retailers say. Ammo, too, is flying off the shelves. The reasons for the spike, last seen in 2009, include fears that a second Obama administration might restrict gun ownership and the popularity of TV shows devoted to doomsday preparation and killing zombies.

via Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama or Zombies? – Yahoo!.

Surely… surely people wouldn’t believe anything FoxNews tells them?

Or maybe it is the Zombies?

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One Reply to “Gun manufacturers can’t keep up with U.S. demand”

  1. Gun owners are consumers, just like book owners and cellphone owners and so on. They crave the newest and the best, they like having multiple toys of slightly different function to play with. Doomsday, zombies, and Democratic White Houses just feed the natural tendency.

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