Goodspeed on the Preface to the KJV 1611

Thanks to Suzanne for pointing this out.

No book means so much to religion as the Bible. In all its forms it has greatly served religion, and in its modern forms its meaning comes out more clearly and more tellingly than ever. It has more to teach the modern world about religion than even its strongest advocates have realized. Few of them have fully explored the wealth and depth of its contribution to modern religious attitudes.

Of all the forms of the English Bible, the most distinguished and widely cherished is the King James Version. Its value for religion is very great, and it is on that account all the more important that its origin and place in the history of the Bible be understood, so that false ideas about it may not prevail, for in so far as they do prevail they are likely to impair and to distort its religious usefulness.

You can read the rest here:

Thesis by EJ Goodspeed Regarding the Preface to the KJV 1611.

I actually have the Goodspeed translation, which is a good one, and I have a reproduction of the KJV-1611, which includes the pre-face. (There is a New Cambridge Paragraph Bible, that I have, which has the 1611 text, margin notes, etc… in to update spelling and grammar as well.) In the preface, you will find enough evidence to disprove, from the Translators themselves, this notion of King James Onlyism.


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