Good stuff from Peter Brimelow, #CPAC Star!

 “It’s the immigration, stupid.” — On the reasons for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 2001

“The other aspect of this rapid population growth is that it’s very rapidly shifting the racial balance in the country — contrary to Kennedy’s assertion. In effect, the 1965 Act choked off immigration from the traditional sources of immigration to the U.S., namely Europe, and it allowed a small number of third world countries to capture the inflow, as I said. And, above all, Mexico. The Mexican government, the Mexican ruling class, appears to have simply made the decision to export its poor to the U.S.” — website, 2005

“The mass immigration so thoughtlessly triggered in 1965 risks making America an alien nation — not merely in the sense that the numbers of aliens in the nation are rising to levels last seen in the 19th century; not merely in the sense that America will become a freak among the world’s nations because of the unprecedented demographic mutation it is inflicting on itself; not merely in the sense that Americans themselves will become alien to each other, requiring an increasingly strained government to arbitrate between them.” — website, 2006

Good stuff and more… What’s really good is that this guy is a headliner at CPAC…. where your next Republican nominee is going to be speaking at….

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