Good News! The Jesus Conference is moving from Lincoln Christian University

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Dear Friends,

As Anthony Le Donne’s colleague, co-editor, and co-organizer for the conference, let me say that I’m as destroyed as anyone at the unexpected dismissal of him. One of the first things we decided, however, was that the conference would no longer be on LCU’s campus. We are currently seeking an alternative host site.



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6 Replies to “Good News! The Jesus Conference is moving from Lincoln Christian University”

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. I would love to see proof or even verbal confirmation that the organizers of the conference are privy to both sides of the story, not just Anthony Ledonne’s side, but know of the conversations that went on behind the scenes and exactly why LCU did what they did. If not they shouldn’t be trying to penalize Lincoln Christian University. This is a petty move, but pettiness has been the name of the game from so many involed in this controversy, so I’m not surprised. What a shame.

      1. Eric – Dr. Keith and Dr. Le Donne were the co organizers of the conference. Dr. Le Donne is to speak in said conference. It would be kinda weird, don’t you think, for one of your key speakers to vocalize his or her professional insights on the campus of the University that just dismissed him for said insights?

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