Good David? Bad David?

The more I dig into David, the more I find him thoroughly interesting as the archetypical King of Israel. The man was, to borrow, a word, depraved, but yet – good words when describing God and His interaction with humanity, but yet – he was chosen (after God’s own heart means this, not that he and God were bff’s) to become the King and his line given a perpetualness and through Christ, and eternal throne.

Anyway, here is an article that some may enjoy

Modern impressions of King David depict him as a young boy of unsurpassed courage, a pious and humble man who triumphed over many adversities, a goodly king whose heart was with the Lord and compared to whom all other monarchs fall short. He is portrayed as the progenitor of a dynasty that would one day rule over the kingdom of God on earth. Many see in him history’s first renaissance man: a poet of uncommon wit and intelligence, a musician of national renown, a diplomat of consummate skill, a politician of great wisdom, a brilliant military strategist, a master of martial weapons, a theologian who defined the basics of Jewish thought, and an inventor of many of the Old Testament’s religious practices and institutions. These views have a long pedigree….

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