Gombis on Us On Paul

The good Dr. Gombis has an excellent article in Christianity Today about the Apostle Paul, or perhaps it is more about us and our image of the Apostle –

……….Like gazing into a mirror, we easily see our own reflections when we look at Paul.

Intense debates in Pauline studies over the past three decades have yielded fresh insights into Paul’s thought and corrected some mistaken assumptions. If we want to be truly Pauline, we will have to take stock of these findings. Let us examine two longstanding misconceptions that have not held up under recent scrutiny, and then note one further way in which we tend to impose our evangelical values upon this apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Paul We Think We Know | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction. (HT)

It is a great read, starting with the idea that Paul was not anti-Jewish, didn’t convert… etc… This is something that I wish I would reach through a computer screen and put my hands around the necks of a few dialogue partners for saying… just shake them… and say, “Stop That Now!”

And, don’t forget to check out the author’s post on Romans.

Romans, then, is not so much a tempered theological treatise as it is a vigorous pastoral letter written in an apocalyptic frame, exhorting the community in Rome to fully embrace their identity as the new creation people of God.  They are the people whose purpose it is to signal that the restoration of all of creation is imminent.

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