Going to the EIR-AAR and presenting…

Gives You Hell: The Remixes
Gives You Hell: The Remixes (not the AAR you are looking for)

I am presenting a paper this weekend at EIR-AAR. You can find the link to the program here. I’ll post the paper whence I return.

And I kid you not. They are going to have a crawfish festival this weekend.





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3 Replies to “Going to the EIR-AAR and presenting…”

  1. I was amazed when I thought you were chairman of Mormon authority of scripture, until I realized there is a James Watts and a Joel Watts. Of course, when I got to Jesus as actor, I also thought you have turned Gnostic and Docetic. But that must be the Crayfish Festival and Syracuse going to my head. I2R, or V2/R, have fun with the crayfish boil!

    1. BTW, I think you should start a rumor that a new gospel was found. Authors were southern Ebionites. According to their Gospel, John the Baptist ate honey and crayfish. Hey, locust and crayfish have to be related somehow, and John did hang around a lot of rivers.

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