#Godzilla rocks, a review

140226(2) – 挺身打擊人造的邪惡獸、電影《GODZILLA 哥吉拉》台灣中文海報&...
140226(2) – 挺身打擊人造的邪惡獸、電影《GODZILLA 哥吉拉》台灣中文海報&預告片更新、5/16首映! (Photo credit: ccsx)

Thus far, I have been somewhat unimpressed with the movie fare this season, but it has changed. Tonight, I had the pleasure of viewing Godzilla, another remake of the Japanese monster movie genre. Unlike the Matthew Broderick version, widely panned version (I liked it), this one does feature Japan, Japanese actors as central roles, and gives sufficient homage to the mythology.

You should know the basic premise, at least of the basic monster and his battles to protect humans. In this installment – and I hope there is more – Godzilla fights the Mutos (x2). Each creature is as realistic as a prehistoric fantasy can get. Unlike the creature in the previous installments, this one has to take several cameras to feature, giving it a rather huge feel on the screen. And I mean huge. Plus, the screams. Oh the screams. After the first big reveal, I was not alone in letting out the breath I was diligently holding.

And that was not the only audience reaction. Not only were both shows sold out, but they audience was completely quiet except for brief moments of hilarity and a moment or two of compassion with the characters on screen. I have yet to attend such a showing that someone didn’t say something stupid or try to act the part of the jester – not this time. This time everyone was intent in watching the movie.

The plot was relatively free from holes, the characters better than most, and the sense of impending doom pretty real. Plus, there is this character you are supposed to hate that turns out to be the hero. Oh, and they feature Yucca Mountain, God, and speak about the arrogance of man controlling nature. It is not heavily thematic in the human-religious sense, just a lot of pain and destruction.

Plus, you get to see San Francisco leveled.

My only problem is the recasting of Jesse Pinkman. I don’t get it.

If your younger children can handle it, take them. I don’t remember a lot of profanity, there isn’t a lot of visible death, but the violence is rampant and loud. Oh the screams, oh the loud screams.

I loved this movie.


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