God’s world is awesome: New discovery on the chemical origins of life

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A team led by Dr Paul Clarke in the Department of Chemistry at York have re-created a process which could have occurred in the prebiotic world.

All biological molecules have an ability to exist as left-handed forms or right-handed forms. All sugars in biology are made up of the right-handed form of molecules and yet all the amino acids that make up the peptides and proteins are made up of the left-handed form.

The researchers found using simple left-handed amino acids to catalyse the formation of sugars resulted in the production of predominately right-handed form of sugars. It could explain how carbohydrates originated and why the right-handed form dominates in nature.

Scientists discover new clue to the chemical origins of life.

Now, that’s cool. Of course, this doesn’t “prove” anything, expect, you know, that the first necessary steps to the building blocks of life could actually have happened.

Tide comes in… tide goes out…

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