God Wins – Chapter 1 – Rodney’s view

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The fact is is that Galli is not writing this book out of pastoral concerns, but from a journalist’s perspective, in fact, one could suspect, sensationist journalism.  A ‘god’ apathetic to human questions is part and partial to classical theologian’s claiming an apathetic, impassible god, something that I do not affirm in the least. I affirm that Jesus Christ as fully human and fully divine, and that both of his natures suffered on that rugged cross.  I would also proffer that a god who does not invite conversation and inquiry cannot be the YHWH and God’s son Yeshua the Messiah we meet in the Bible, and in our experiences with God.  Galli is working under a false myth that questioning God is a sin: “When God hears this question, a question that examines his very goodness, he does not strike back or walk away in disgust. He simply absorbs the question in loving silence—the silence of forgiveness. The same forgiveness that’s available to cover every question we’ve ever asked or will ever ask, especially those questions that are nothing but a demand for a sign or an attempt to justify ourselves.”

Galli, like many determinists, blame Job for his own suffering, but Scripture tells us that YHWH rebukes Job’s friends.  (um, check Job 42:7-9)

Really, questioning God is a sin?  Only if you believe in a god other than YHWH and his Son, Christ Jesus, I would argue!

Don’t get me wrong, for I have my doubts about those emerging Christians so happy to go around promoting doubt over faith, but faith is more about our being faithful in responding to God’s love, in our prayer life, in our deeds here on earth, and not merely assenting intellectually to this or that proposition.  It’s a faith that is a faithfulness given to us as a gift by God, in Jesus dying on the cross, who confronts our unfaithfulness with God’s own faith.

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  1. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your response. If you will allow me to send you a copy of the book I mentioned I would appreciate it. I really enjoyed your objectivity in your reviews.

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