God Wins, but will Mark Galli?

My good friends at Tyndale House has decided to publish a book from a ‘big-tent Christian’, Mark Galli, which aims for Rob Bell. I’ve bought it myself and will begin a very in depth review. I’ve already read the dedication, found it a pour attempt at circular logic. The introduction was an attempt to state that Galli is a ‘big-tent Christian’ who isn’t a fundamentalist. Awesome. Nothing says you aren’t a fundamentalist like someone else begging the world not to see you as a fundamentalist.

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Carol Stream, IL – Tyndale House Publishers announces the launch of the first major market direct response to Rob Bell’s controversial Love Wins in the book God Wins by Mark Galli. Galli is the Senior Managing Editor for Christianity Today. Randy Alcorn has written the foreword for the new release. God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News Is Better than Love Wins is now available in e-book format through e-retailers with the physical book releasing shortly. In God Wins Mark Galli responds to the confusion generated by Rob Bell’s provocative Love Wins.

“The main problem with Love Wins is that the Good News is even better—deeper, richer, more complex—than it lets on. I champion the historic Christian view on these matters, and Bell offers a decidedly minority view,” comments Galli. “That means that the burden of proof rests on his shoulders. And more to the point here, the fact that so many resonate with Bell’s concerns about these themes means we need to wrestle with them afresh.”

Due to the controversy that has occurred in the media surrounding Bell’s book, Tyndale House is placing Galli’s response book into the hands of readers as quickly as possible. Galli’s two major reviews online of the book and controversy received over 400,000 page views.

The print edition of God Wins (ISBN 978-1-4143-6666-1) will be available in softcover in upcoming weeks and includes a small group discussion guide. Copies will be available at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta July 10-13.

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