God the Interpretation v God the Explanation?

In defending Hawking, ]] writes,

First and foremost, God is not a factor that one adds or removes (as unnecessary) in an equation or a model for the beginning of the Universe or any part of Science. All scientists, theists and atheists, subscribe to Methodological Naturalism, whereby all explanations for phenomena of nature and the universe must exclude supernatural agents. God, however, is an interpretation – not an explanation – given by believers for the existence of the universe, life, intelligence, consciousness, humans, and everything that we witness. When we became able to fully explain celestial motions, lightning, diseases, mental disorders, and many phenomena around us, we did not conclude that “there is no place for God anymore”.

Irtiqa: Hawking, God, and the Universe.

My first thought is that perhaps Science and Faith really cannot get along, but I step back and try to look at what Guessoum is saying. He is, of course, speaking of hard science, in which things must be proven and be proven in such a way as to have absolute answers. They really are no different from some who declare that the bible alone is the proof for all things, and anything secular which questions it is wrong from the start. The Bible is the absolute. So, perhaps the reason that they cannot get along is that they are identical twins?

But, is God an explanation or an interpretation? For ‘thinkers’ (quote, without the scare part), I believe that he is correct. Whether in faith or science, these thinkers have come to the conclusion that their religion may not be all that there is to the Truth of the matter. Even for those who ‘take the Scriptures seriously’, as I heard ]] say, we look at Genesis 1 and see that Science can fill in the gaps and make the Creation of God that much more spectacular. And for Science?

He concludes with,

Many of us scientists and thinkers doubt that full explanations of everything can be complete and self-contained, with no need for a metaphysical principle like God.

Of course, it seems that Christians weren’t the only ones to jump on Hawkings claims,

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